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When the world changes through no fault of your own, how can you continue to achieve success as you pursue your passion? RockStar ReInvention is an inspirational experience for your team, based in the world of music, designed to show us how to apply the RockStar Reflections to our own lives so we can find happiness and create opportunities in an ever-changing world.

Lead Singer of The Verve Pipe.

3.5 Million albums sold.

Creator of the multi-million dollar concert series "Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms."

Brian Vander Ark

Simeon Hernandez

Business Consultant

Inspirational Speaker

Managing Partner,  Hope323

Brian Vander Ark is the lead singer and principal songwriter for the multi-platinum band, The Verve Pipe.  In 1997, their song, “The Freshmen," was number one hit.


What followed were world-wide tours, features in Rolling Stone and Spin magazines, and numerous appearances on television, including ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, and ‘Late Night With David Letterman’.


Like many bands in the 90’s, The Verve Pipe have had a string of near hits, but ultimately have failed to followup their number one song with another.  After being dropped from RCA records, Brian sold all of his possession, and spent two years soul searching, living in an old RV, as beaten and worn as the man behind the wheel.


Brian’s story is a compelling one.  One that relates to all of us.   It’s about the dream of doing what you love to do, and finding a way to continue, despite the many obstacles we all face in an ever changing world.  By refocusing, rebranding, and reinventing, Brian has been able maintain a career, and recommitment to a life in music.

“I have organized and hosted over a hundred group meetings over the my career.  Brian’s presentation is not only the most genuine presentation of all time, it is by far the one that attendees to this day still thank me for having him there.  His creativity of blending music with his story only adds to the honesty and sincerity of the overall experience.”

Post Meeting Comments:

"(Brian had) great attitude and delivery. He did what we need to do with clients; get real, be honest and speak from the heart which will move you from being just a financial advisor to someone who really cares!"


"Very different than we are used to, different in a great way.  I really liked how the music helped tell the story."


"Funny, honest and very talented.  Great Presentation!"


"What a great motivational speaker!"

"This was our best annual dinner yet! Brian is genuine, humble and funny. Not only is he a talented musician, but a great storyteller. The performance had a Behind the Music feel as he shared the back story of his career while playing a few songs.  


     While we are not all rock stars, we can relate to his story and find inspiration through his perseverance and determination. The YMCA works to connect people and music is a great way to do that. Brian took our event to the next level and people are still talking about it!

     From a planning perspective, he was so easy to work with. I highly recommend Brian Vander Ark for any event!"

In the financial services industry, we often see a lot of change that can alter the course of our business.  Sometimes that change is driven by the regulators, sometimes it is driven by competition and sometimes it is driven by the changing needs of our clients.


With all of the disruption we endure in financial services, it is clear that no one has dealt with change like Brian Vander Ark.  His story puts things into great perspective and he is masterful at crafting how he was forced to adapt to change and recreate his own brand.  Brian's story will resonate with any group in any business industry.  He is humble and highly entertaining, and when you experience "Rock Star Reinvention," you will have a perspective and appreciation for what "perseverance" truly means. 

Michelle Polivka

Vice President of Marketing

YMCA of Rock River Valley, Rockford, IL

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Music Consulting



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Executive Director with a

Leading Global Wealth Management Firm

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